Bethany + Frank | married in Kansas City

Where do I even begin with these two?

Bethany and Frank are the world's cutest couple. I'll go on record saying that, actually.

The day started with the ladies getting ready at Bethany's mom's house.

And Bethany's details were absolutely stunning.

Did you see that dress? It was even more jaw-dropping on her!

So we headed on over to the gorgeous Queen of the Holy Rosary Church and got these two married!

*record scratch*

Time for an important detail.

Bethany's father passed away a few years ago, so her older brother stepped in in his place. This detail will come into play a few times during this wedding, and it will also be the source of many tears (especially from me)!!

Woohoo! Married! So then it was off to Jacob L. Loose Park and the Liberty Memorial for some super lovely photos!

Nailed it! To The Monarch Room we go!

(Ugh, and now upon writing this blog, I'm learning that this lovely reception space will be closing at the end of this year. I'm so glad I got to photograph it before that happened!)


We chowed down on some good old KC barbecue...


And then we danced, starting with the mother/son dance.


Remember that detail we talked about right before the ceremony started?

Here's where it comes back into play (and where I cry a whole lot).

Bethany and her brother began dancing together to

"You Should Be Here" by Cole Swindell.

And then it was only fitting to have all of the other family members join in on such a special moment.

It's cliché to say, but I really don't think there was a dry eye in the house. I cried while shooting these images, while editing these images, and even now while blogging these images.

I also want to take a moment here to pause. These kind of moments are exactly why I do what I do. This is such a special time and place for this entire family, and they trusted me to document it for them. This pure, raw emotion that everyone felt was so overwhelming and so truly awesome, and I can honestly say I will never forget this experience.

how incredible is that? how lucky am I?

So after everyone was crying, Bethany and Frank had their first dance as husband and wife to "I Get to Love You" by Ruelle.

*cue more tears from the photographer*


So after that, and after I finished getting my life together, it was time to party!

Major props to Platinum KC Weddings for putting on a killer reception!!

Congrats, Bethany and Frank!

Zach + Marissa | proposal in Columbia

Okay so imagine the cutest couple you've ever seen... Now double it, triple it, multiply it times infinity.

That's Zach and Marissa.

Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-3.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-4.jpg

Zach planned out this beautiful night involving dinner with Marissa because they were "just celebrating their third anniversary."

"Wait. Amber. You mean he proposed on their third anniversary?"


Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-5.jpg

So yeah as if this couldn't get any cuter, around sunset, Zach took Marissa out to an offshoot of the Missouri river near Cooper's Landing and Boathenge, where they visited regularly as a couple. 


Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-8.jpg

I couldn't deal, y'all.

Meanwhile, I was creeping up behind them, while my second photographer Jessi was a few yards away.

and then it was time for the cuteness.

Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-10.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-16.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-11.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-12.jpg

Her face is priceless.

But you know what was even better? When she fist pumped and yelled, "Finally!"

Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-17.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-14.jpg

And better than that? When she realized she was being photographed.

Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-19.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-15.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-20.jpg

So they came back to shore, and we had to celebrate.

Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-18.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-21.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-1.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-22.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-23.jpg

For an added bonus, Zach also rented out the private room at Room 38 to celebrate, but we still had time to sneak in some extra sweet photos before they had to run off!

Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-24.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-25.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-26.jpg
Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-28.jpg

Congrats to these sweethearts! I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding next year (which is OF COURSE on their fourth anniversary)! *sobbing emoji*

Zach and Marissa - Amber Garrett Photo-27.jpg

Morgan + Marty | married in Amazonia

M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-39.jpg

Morgan and Marty had the absolute sweetest day surrounded by friends and family, and there was no shortage of love and laughter!

M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-4.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-2.jpg

The two were married and partied the night away at Timber Ridge in Amazonia – just one hour north of Kansas City, MO!

M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-8.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-5.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-7.jpg

The rings were simply to die for, so I may have had a bit of fun with them :)

M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-10.jpg

So next thing you know, it's time to get ready!

M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-18.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-21.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-20.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-16.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-22.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-23.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-24.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-17.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-19.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-15.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-27.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-26.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-25.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-30.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-28.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-49.jpg

So then came my favorite part of the day –      the first look!!

M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-32.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-33.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-35.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-36.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-37.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-41.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-42.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-40.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-54.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-52.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-55.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-57.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-58.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-60.jpg

Sooo... party time anyone??

M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-61.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-47.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-48.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-64.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-65.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-68.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-70.jpg
M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-71.jpg

Congrats, Morgan and Marty! Your springtime St. Joe wedding was stunning!

M&M - Amber Garrett Photo-45.jpg

Sarah + Zach | in love in Chicago

Sarah and Zach - Amber Garrett Photo-5.jpg

I was lucky enough to meet up with Sarah and Zach for a super sweet sunset session (say that five times fast) in Chicago. We explored their city and found so many amazing spots to showcase their love together. I got to chat with Sarah about how they met and came to be so many years later.

Sarah and Zach - Amber Garrett Photo-6.jpg

"We met the day before college, and we started dating in November our freshman year. We dated all the way since. We never took a break."

"So we've been dating since 2011, so 6.5 going on 7 years. He lived two doors down from me at Mizzou in our dorm freshman year. That's how we met, and we've been dating ever since. He's from here originally; I'm from Dallas. I moved for a job, we moved in together, and we're on our second apartment now, and we have a very cute dog."

Sarah and Zach - Amber Garrett Photo-52.jpg
Sarah and Zach - Amber Garrett Photo-8.jpg

The dog was too busy for the session :(

"We met the day before college, and we started dating in November our freshman year. We dated all the way since. We never took a break. We did long distance while I was in grad school, stayed together through every summer apart, study abroad, and then we moved here."

When I asked if they had plans to get married,

Sarah said, "Oh yeah, definitely." 
Sarah and Zach - Amber Garrett Photo-4.jpg

"We've been dating so long that there's

not any rush, but it's probably going to

be soon."

Sarah and Zach - Amber Garrett Photo-2.jpg

"And we talk about it in the most abstract sense but I do still want it to be a surprise. We've been together so long that there's no sense in it not being a total surprise."

Sarah and Zach - Amber Garrett Photo-7.jpg

And then, as if the session couldn't get any better, we wandered over to North Avenue Beach for a few beautiful skyline photos ...

Sarah and Zach - Amber Garrett Photo-10.jpg

... which we definitely got.

Sarah and Zach - Amber Garrett Photo-9.jpg
Sarah and Zach - Amber Garrett Photo-12.jpg



And to top it all off, someone else

was proposing to his girlfriend, so we

got to help the secret photographer

get some great shots!

Now, I'm not superstitious, but I think that's called a sign.

(cough cough Zach cough cough)