Zach + Marissa | engaged in Columbia

I think the biggest compliment I can receive from a couple is being asked to document every stage of their love.

Lucky for me, Zach and Marissa asked me to photograph their wedding AND engagement. So I traveled all the way from my new home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, to Columbia, Missouri, and we had an incredible time smiling, laughing, dancing, and most importantly, documenting their love. There is no distance I won't travel for love, especially if it's one like theirs.

So we began in Peace Park – right smack in the middle of Columbia, MO, and we partied our way around downtown.

Seriously though? Have you seen a more perfect couple?


Carmichael engagement - Amber Garrett Photo-8.jpg

And then I was all like...

"Okay I know we're in the parking lot of a dry cleaners in the middle of downtown but JUST TRUST ME OKAY??!"

Photographers will always put you in weird situations, but you will always love the result.

(...and if you don't, call me!) *upside down smiley emoji*

Okay anyway! Back to the good stuff...

Are you guys ready for this next image?







Are you sure?






Are you really, really, really sure????







okay fine.



woo, lawdy. okay. now that I'm done dying from how perfect this all was...

So, yeah. I died. Everything was perfect and magical and wonderful, and I'm the most excited to photograph their wedding in April!

Congrats to these two sweethearts!


(did you miss their proposal this past April? Check it out here!)

Special shout out to my second photographer, Jessi Dodge!

Amber Garrett

Amber is a wedding photojournalist and portrait photographer based in Las Vegas, but available for travel worldwide.